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The Jammu Film Festival represents the aspirations of the people of Jammu, to put Jammu on the world map of international film festival circuit.

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Jammu region is southern part of the state of Jammu & Kashmir in India. It is also the winter capital of the state. Jammu city is the largest city in the Jammu region.
Vomedh is a reputed non-profit organization working in the field of art and culture in the state of J&K. Vomedh has been at the forefront of reviving the Kashmiri Theatre and culture.
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Jammu Film Festival - Experience cinema in a city with a heart of gold!

Jammu Film Festival represents the aspirations of the art and cinema loving people of Jammu to put Jammu on the world map of International film festival circuit.
This annual film festival is being organized by Vomedh a non-profit organization in the beautiful city of temples Jammu.In modern times cinema has emerged as a key art form. Jammu and Kashmir has had a special connection with Cinema and bollywood. Bollywood has explored the scenic locations as well as the themes around Jammu and Kashmir for a long time.
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Festival Directors

Son's of the soil -
The Bhat brother duo

While Rakesh is more on creative and strategy side, Rohit is a goal driven person focused on execution. They have earned the moniker 'Bhat Brothers' because of many successful collaborations in theatre. They are real brothers!
Festival Director
Rakesh is a renowned Playwright and mentor of Vomedh. He has been instrumental in reviving the Kashmiri theatre in Jammu. He has won many awards for his work. Although his first love is playwriting but he is also a poet, lyricist, columnist, blogger and an editor.
Festival Director
Rohit is the founder of Vomedh. He has over 15 years of experience in Direction and Production across TV, Films and Theatre. Rohit has worked with some big production houses in Mumbai in the past and is now on a mission to revive Kashmiri theatre to its past glory.
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Core team comprises of experts from various faculties of Cinema, Theatre, Media and Event Management.
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